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Welcome to the OLU Shop!

Kawaii Character Stickers

Yes, It's Merch Time!

Welcome to my wonderful little shop dedicated to my comic series, characters, and other fun, kawaii, anime-inspired things!

My shop is currently under construction, but I can't wait to start adding more goodies for you guys soon!

If you're a lover of original manga and anime-style art, then
OurLittleUniverseArt is DEFINITELY the fun and unique shop you need to obtain some cute stickers/magnets and digital coloring books in your life! 

Just click on the images of the stickers under my "Etsy Listings" and it will automatically take you to the exact listing for the sticker in my Etsy Shop!


Etsy Item Listings

IMG_1028 (resized).jpg
Untitled4_20220126110648 (1).jpg
Eva Thumb.jpg
Furi Thumb.jpg
Zeluz Thumb.jpg
Da Fawk Thumb.jpg
Kawaii Bubble Tea Sticker (Resized).jpg
Kawaii Rosa on Cupcake (Resized).jpg
Shocked Drippy Cupcake (Resized).jpg
Chibi Rosa (Resized).jpg
Ruby and Rosa (Resize).jpg
Ruby and Rosa 2 (Resize).jpg
Confused Ruby (resized).jpg
Pissed off Eva (resized).jpg
OLU ColorBook 1.jpg
OLU Coloring Book 1.jpg
Simp Rosa (resized).jpg
Eva in Bubble Tea (1).jpg
OLU ColoringBook 1.jpg

More items will be added to this page as I go!
(I won't be adding every single Etsy item though. Just my favs!)

This page is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

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