Episode 1: Ruby Has a Brother...?

Episode 2: Shadow Form Fusion

Episode 3: Brief Intermission!

Episode 4: Ruby & Rosa's Backstory


Just an FYI...this episode is actually derived from Volume 3 of the comic series "Shadow Guardian" (where Ruby and Rosa are originally from). In Shadow Guardian's timeline, they are introduced when they are slightly older but in OLU's timeline, their story starts in the early stages of their relationship where they are younger. Anyway, hope you enjoy getting to know a little about them and their world in this episode!  

Episode 5: ThE Show Must Go On!


Episode 6: This is the only way


Episode 7: I won't let it end this way


Episode 8: I'M Here


Episode 9: ENERGY boost


Episode 10: We're Not home!


Episode 11: Hallucination


Episode 12: This isn't a dream...


Episode 13: We Need to Talk


Episode 14: I'll Fix Everything