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Origin Story

"Our Little Universe" (OLU) is a beautifully imaginative sapphic (lesbian) comic series that was originally created in late 2017 by the creative artist known as Zee Bee (who also goes by the alias "onelayergirl" online).

OLU was initially just supposed to be a spin-off series of Zee's very first comic series that she created back in 2013 called "Shadow Guardian" (which you can find on Webtoons). These fun and lovable characters that we know as Ruby and Rosa were first introduced in Volume 3 of that original series. But Zee fell so in love with their cute relationship dynamic that she thought they deserved a unique series of their own.

That's when OLU was born! It took a lot of thinking to come up with the title but after going through many different variations, "Our Little Universe" just seemed like the perfect match because essentially it is a story centered around Ruby and Rosa's lives and relationship.

Anyway, welcome to our lovely page! Please feel free to have a look around!

Character Reference Sheet

The Child Born with
Blood in Her hair

blood child.jpg

“The Child Born with Blood in Hair” aka “Blood Child” or “Blood Hair” Not literal blood though! The red streak is just not a normal thing that Shadow Demons are born with in their hair. Ruby also has blood wielding powers so it makes sense that she was blessed with this unique trait! That is also the reason why her parents named her Ruby.

The Bubble Beauty

bubble beauty.jpg

"The Bubble Beauty" was Rosa's nickname growing up because her bubble powers were a rarity among the Uciine race. Rosa's mom named her Rosa because her pink curly hair reminded her of a field of pink roses. Rosa was the oldest of 3 children before her entire family was killed by Shadow Demons when she was only 10 years old and she was also the only one in her family who was born with pink hair.

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